The Revealing Science of God (Yes)

I bothered to program every single nuance of the guitar from the Keys To Ascension version, it was a lot less work on the drums and bass, since they're quite more repetitive than the guitar. I figured this piece wouldn't work without a real lead vocal, so I managed to Isolate Jon Anderson's vocals from the new mix of Topographic Oceans., and could fit it quite nicely with the rest of the instruments. Equipment used: Moog Sub37 with stereo Chorus and stereo delay for leads, Korg K49 controller for the mainstage-powered mellotrons. Roland JV90used as a controller to trigger Korg Triton rack's Pianos and synth strings. Roland A-33 controller to trigger Mainstage-powered Pads, pipe organ and lead synth. Novation Ultranova for secondary lead synths

Astral Traveller (Yes)

I used the "In The Present Live from Lyon" version as the base for it, Using some of the excellent Alan White drum version, and including some Bruford nuances (specially the snare drum). Howe and Squire transcribed to MIDI from the aforementioned version. Equipment used: Moog Sub37 with stereo Chorus and stereo delay for leads, Alesis VI61 controller triggering mainstage-powered "soft" organs. Roland FA06 for the harder organ sounds. Korg K49 controller appears, but it's not used. Apple iPad used as a volume controller for the different channels.

Piano medley (live in Katowice)

This is taken from a solo performance I did in Katowice, Poland, on December 13, 2014. It features excerpts of "The Eleventh Hour" (by Clive Nolan), "Awaken" (by Yes), "Amelia" (by Clive Nolan) and Lavender (by Marillion). I used a Roland RD-300sx stage piano to control Brainspawn's Forte-provided Piano sounds. CME xKey MIDI Controller is shown, but not used on this medley.

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